Skin Tightening Cream & More

It was 2007 our Chemist created "Envita Derm" technology, which successfully calmed and reduced a variety of skin irritations. Soon this research took a turn into the area of skin regeneration and rejuvination. Our chemist decided that he would focus on the mission of regenerating and sustaining beautiful skin without the irritations that have come to be expected in the industry. It was after intensive continued research that he innovated a product line that could both successfully regenerate skin by reducing inflammation, while also calming and invigorating the tissue.  

Decora Brands’ line of clinical and retail products reflect that mission!

Allowing everyone to look and feel beautiful is attainable by using our products. Let’s face it, for most of us, aging is not a “graceful” process. Even laugh lines reflect that the skin has lost its elasticity and its health. Age Spots, wrinkles and discolorations are a result of the body losing its connection with its largest organ—the skin. Skin cells are a mix of live and dead cells with the body replacing some and leaving others. When the skin becomes irritated, it will leave dead cells as a layer of protection. So the skin protects itself against sensitivity and dehydration by thickening and deepening creases to prevent further irritations from occurring. This callousing is an affront to keep sun and pollution from harming the internal tissues. This is how the majority of wrinkles can begin. A baby’s skin is so soft, because it has had no influence of sun, pollution, allergic irritation or age. A baby’s skin is so supple, because all of the cells are firmly connected and elastic. If we were honest we would all like to have a secret formula that we could apply a couple of times a day that would erase the effects of aging and restore our skin back to a time before the damage began … and keep it that way!

How does it work?! In the desert, plants lack water and have to adapt to protect themselves from premature aging, sun damage and loss of precious moisture and oils.

Rooted in the desert, we have captured the science beneath these protections, waxes, oils, and moisture retention that these plants have 

As skin loses moisture through evaporation and perspiration naturally, oils and essences will also leave, causing dry, wrinkles, leather-like skin, instead of soft, supple, smooth skin of your youth. By harnessing the power of desert flowers, tropical forests, and the oceans sands we make products to protect your skin and allow the tissue to be renewed and refreshed for a fresh face glow. Skin tightening systems are often designed to damage skin so that the body would be stimulated to create new skin. But is there a better way to tighten skin without damaging it? Stem cells are part of every skin matrix, but are deep in the skin, below the outer layer.

It is obvious that the skin can be stimulated by irritation and damage, but was it possible to innovate a product that promote skin repair by other non-abrasive means?!

Born from this question and his study of skin cells, came the Corner Crème Anti-Aging System. He developed our proprietary Skin Penetration Complex to stimulate stem cells and nourish live skin cells promoting the creation of beautiful new skin! Then added synthetic collagens and moisturizers to allow the skin to remain supple while it rebuilds. Organo-leptics, a new field of stimulation, infused energy back into the skin. The Master Chemist, also a plant extract expert, used his experimentation with essences to locate and test the bodies Natural Skin Tightening Extract and the well known skin tightening product Argireline.

The result was both fast and harmless, making their the most innovative Wrinkle Removal System in the marketplace!

  Corner Crème is the first of a line of tissue rebuilding and repairing products that captures this essence. Using extracts from the Rock Rose and the science of skin essentials, we have created a product that miraculously removes wrinkles, puffiness, discolorations and sun damage and all without damage! The penetrating formula reduces wrinkles by up to 90%, without irritating your skin into to an embarrassing flaky texture. There is no need to wait weeks, days or even hours to see stunning results. You can literally watch changes happen in as little as 59 seconds. Corner Crème removes dark circles and puffiness from under the eyes in as little as one hour with a single treatment. With continued daily use Corner Crème rebuilds and restores damaged skin tissues. In just a couple of weeks, the skin will begin to glow again!

That is why we say Decora Corner Crème Supreme "Rooted In Nature, Captured By Science".